Series Progression

Night Flight offers adult (ages 16 and up) Series classes in aerial & circus arts. Aerial Series classes include silks, static trapeze, dance trapeze, lyra, and straps.

New students interested in our Aerial Series classes who have no previous aerial training are required to start with Beg 1 Aerial Combo or Beg 1 Silks. We also offer Series technique classes in Stretching (Pre-Contortion), Handstands, and Chair Dance. Each Series class covers a specific set curriculum. Class size is limited.

Please note: We don’t allow Drop-ins in our Series classes.

Where do I start?

Here is our Series progression for students who are new to our studio.

Series Advancement

Coach approval is required to advance levels. While everyone can sign up online for our Beg Aerial and Beg Silks Series, coach permission is required for students wishing to advance to a new level. Here are the steps to advance:

Demonstrate that you are a consistently safe student in class!

This is our most important requirement to advancement. This includes:

  • Respecting your coaches and other students.
  • Staying focused and working on the material your coaches are teaching (not working on outside material during class time).
  • Listening to your coach’s direction.
  • Overall being safe with your body and showing good judgement.
  • Doing things with clean and safe form consistently.

Mastering aerial skills & demonstrating strength requirements for the next Series level.

This includes:

  • Fully understanding and being able to demonstrate the moves you were taught at your current level.
  • Demonstrating specific skills and sequences (these vary depending on level).
  • For certain levels, passing our fitness test (which is 4 and a half regular climbs followed by a straddle up).

If you feel that you are meeting these requirements to advancement, you can then:

  • Check in with your coaches about your progress.
  • Email us at
  • Permission will be confirmed with coaches (it is up to the coaches to determine if a student safe in class, physically capable, and has enough knowledge of the current level to advance).
  • If you are granted permission, the more advanced Series in our online registration system will be ‘unlocked’ and you will be able to sign-up.