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Getting Started

Please note: We don’t allow Drop-ins in our Series classes. But we do offer a few Aerial Drop-in Classes on the weekends! You can get more information on our Drop-ins here.

Night Flight offers adult (ages 16 and up) Series classes in aerial & circus arts in Portland, OR. Our Series classes are the perfect learning environment for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Aerial Series technique classes include silks (tissu), static trapeze, lyra (hoop), rope and straps. New students interested in our Aerial Series classes who have no previous aerial training are required to start with Beginning Aerial 1. Night Flight also offers Series technique classes in stretching, contortion and handstands (hand balancing). Each Series class covers a specific set curriculum. Class size is limited, so register early.

How to Sign-up

Just pick a class that’s right for your level and a day/time that works for you (that you can stick with it for the entire length of the Series) and visit our Online Registration. It’s just like signing up for a college class. Payment reserves your spot in our Series classes, so you will need to pay in full to know your spot is secure. Attending Series classes twice a week will make a HUGE difference in progress. We highly recommend this option.


Fall 7-Week Series price: $168 per Series.
Fall Sunday Series Price: $144 per Series (prorated for 6 classes)
Fall Friday Series Price: $120 per Series (prorated for 5 classes)

Register & Pay Online


Studio Closures

End of Summer Series Break:

Thur, Aug 30th – Tue, Sept 4th.

Fright Night rehearsals & 1st weekend of shows:

Fri, Oct 12th.
Wed, Oct 17th – Sun, Oct 21st.

Fall Break (2nd weekend of Fright Night shows):

Fri, Oct 26th – Wed, Oct 31st.

Series Refunds

No refunds/credits issued from the first day of the Series on. Refund/credit available, minus $35, for withdrawals up until the day before the first class of the Series. Series classes are not transferable to other students.

Please email us at to if you need to cancel before the first day of the Series. There is no option to cancel an entire Series and get a refund through Mindbody.


Students can now sign-up online to do their make-ups in our Saturday and Sunday Drop-in classes or Open Gyms! Please note: Open Gym is for advanced students who pass our physical assessment and have instructor approval. Students must attend the appropriate level Drop-in class. If you have never done aerial before or are new to it, please attend the Beginning Aerial 1-2 Drop-in. Make-ups are not allowed in other Series classes. Make-ups can only happen during the length of the Series and after the Series ends make-ups expire.

Our Drop-ins and Open Gyms are available for sign-up 7 days in advance. Cancellations for Drop-in classes/Open Gyms must be made 24 hours in advance in order to get your make-up credit returned to your account. Make-ups can take place in these Drop-in classes/Open Gyms:

    Fall 2018 (9/25-10/22) Drop-in Schedule:

  • Stretching: Saturday 12:30-2pm
  • Silks levels 1-3: Saturday 10:30am-12pm
  • Trapeze levels 1-3: Saturday 9-10:30am
  • Beginning Aerial: Saturday 12:30-2pm
  • Beginning Aerial: Sunday 2-3:30pm
  • *Open Gym: Friday 4-6pm
  • *Open Gym: Saturday 10:30am-12:30pm
  • *Open Gym: Sunday 12-2pm

*Open Gym is for advanced students. Students must have instructor permission for Open Gym as well as pass a physical assessment.

Scheduling a Make-up in a Drop-in Class or Open Gym

Making-up in a Drop-in Class/Open Gym in Advance of the Missed Series Class

  1. In Mindbody, click on the “My Info” tab.
  2. Click on “My Schedule.”
  3. Find the date of the Series class you will be missing, click on the “Cancel” option on the right side of the table. You have now cancelled yourself out of the Series class.
  4. Click on the “Drop-in Classes” tab.
  5. Click on the Drop-in class/Open Gym you want to do your make-up in.
  6. Click on the “Make a single reservation button.” You’ve now signed yourself for the Drop-in class/Open Gym.

Making-up a Class after you Missed a Series Class

Please Note: your coach will have marked you absent in the Mindbody attendance roster on the day you missed your Series class.

  1. In Mindbody, click on the “Drop-in Classes” tab.
  2. Click on the Drop-in class/Open Gym you want to do your make-up in.
  3. Click on the “Make a single reservation button.” You’ve now signed yourself for the Drop-in class/Open Gym.

How to Cancel Your Make-up in a Drop-in Class/Open Gym

Please Note: Cancellations for Drop-in classes/Open Gyms must be made 24 hours in advance in order to get a Series make-up returned to your account.

  1. In Mindbody, click on the “My Info” tab.
  2. Find the date of the Drop-in class/Open Gym you want to cancel.
  3. Click on the “Cancel” option on the right side of the table. You have now cancelled yourself out of the Drop-in class/Open Gym and the Series make-up has been returned to your account.

Series vs Drop-ins

While drop-ins are a great way to try aerial to see if it is a good fit for you, we strongly believe Series classes are the best way to learn. The biggest benefit of Series classes is that they taught in a progressive learning style with the same group of students. The group learns new material over the course of entire Series and skills build on top of each other. Since Drop-in classes allow new students to participate all the time, teachers need to cover basic foundational aerial techniques again and again. Which keeps the Drop-in classes from progressing in the same way as the Series classes. Having Series tightly structured and keeping students in their appropriate groups allows for challenging and fun classes.

Instructor Approval to Advance

Instructor approval is required to advance levels. While everyone can sign up online for our Beginning Aerial Series, instructor permission is required for students wishing to advance to a new level. Here are the steps to advance:

  • Master the prerequisites for the next Series level
  • Check in with your current Night Flight instructors about your progress
  • Email us at, we will confirm with your instructors
  • If you are granted permission, the more advanced Series classes in our online registration system will be ‘unlocked’ and you can sign-up

Studio Policies & Safety Guidelines

  • While we understand that there are many circumstances that may lead to being late, we cannot allow a student to participate in a class if they are more than 15 min late.
  • No one is allowed on the equipment without an instructor’s supervision.
  • Students are not allowed in class if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If they do they will be asked to leave.
  • Students can only work on material the teacher is covering in classes. If a student wants to work on other material they must get instructor permission.
  • Use of safety mats is required under aerial equipment.
  • Do not touch the mirrors. Do not kick up into handstands against the mirrors.
  • Please pick up after yourself and put equipment (blocks, bands, ab wheel, etc.) back where it belongs after using it.
  • No chewing gum while on the equipment.
  • Don’t move rosin/chalk containers. Apply rosin/chalk over container.
  • No jewelry, zippers or buckles on the equipment. Please double check running/yoga pants for zippers. If a small zipper is found use athletic tape to cover the zipper. They catch on/tear aerial fabric and can be dangerous to the student. No jeans.
  • Please be considerate of your instructors and other students and come to class clean, wear deodorant and fresh workout clothes.
  • No street shoes in the studio. Students may go barefoot, wear socks or ballet shoes. Please have clean feet and/or clean socks.
  • Please do not come to class if you are sick.
  • Please cover open wounds and warts with a band-aid and tape. If the injury is on your foot please wear socks.
  • No videoing instructors. Students can photograph/video each other with permission.


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7-week Fall Series Schedule (9/5-10/25)

  • 7-week Series Price: $168/Series
  • Sunday Series Price: $144/Series (prorated for 6 classes)
  • Friday Series Price: $120/Series (prorated for 5 classes)

Beginning Aerial 1 Series

Perfect for students new to aerial. Learn fundamental aerial skills and basic movements on the silks and trapeze including climbs, inversions and poses. Focus is on building shoulder stability, core strength, upper body strength and overall flexibility. Training on the equipment follows a smooth progression.
  • Mon 6:30-8pm – Treya & Larke
  • Tue 4:30-6pm – John & Amaya
  • Wed 6-7:30pm – Christina & Amaya
  • Thur 12-1:30pm – John & Daniela
  • Sun 9-10:30am – Jack & Larke

Beginning Aerial 2 Series

Continues from where our Beginning Series leaves off. In Beginning Aerial 2 students continue their survey style training on both the silks and trapeze. Focus is primarily on building strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Mon 5:30-7pm – Larke & John
  • Tue 12-1:30pm – John & Daniela
  • Tue 6:30-8pm – John & Amaya
  • Thur 6-7:30pm – Larke & Bentley
  • Sun 10-11:30am – Daniela & Jack

Trapeze 1 Series

Focuses on building techniques and skills on the trapeze. Students will build a vocabulary of trapeze tricks as well finding fluidity of movements on the trapeze. It’s designed for students who have already completed our Beginning Aerial 2 Series or who have had some previous aerial foundational training.
  • Tue 7:30-9pm – Larke & Amaya
  • Thur 1:30-3pm – Daniela
  • Sun 11am-12:30pm – Larke & Daniela

Trapeze 2 Series

Our intermediate trapeze Series includes challenging aerial conditioning with a strong emphasis on form and technique as well as learning more advanced movements.
  • Tue 1:30-3pm – Daniela
  • Thur 7:30-9pm – Bentley & Larke
  • Sun 12:30-2pm – Larke & Daniela

Trapeze 2-3 Series

Our intermediate to advance mixed level trapeze Series includes challenging aerial conditioning with a strong emphasis on form and technique as well as learning more advanced movements.
  • Tue 7:30-9am – Daniela

Trapeze 3 Series

Our advanced trapeze Series includes challenging aerial conditioning with a strong emphasis on form and technique as well as learning more advanced movements.
  • Tue 5:30-7pm Larke & Amaya
  • Thur 3-4:30pm – Daniela

Lyra 1 Series

Students will learn beginning to intermediate movements on the lyra. Foundational aerial training is required.
  • Mon 7:30-9pm – Kerri
  • Tue 5:30-7pm – Kerri

Lyra 2 Series

Students will learn intermediate movements on the lyra. Focus is on movement quality, flexibility and strength.
  • Tue 6:30-8pm – Bentley & Kerri

Lyra 3 Series

Our Lyra 3 Series is for advanced lyra students. This Series focuses on dynamics tricks and movements. Students should be able to sequence on the lyra with ease.
  • Tue 7:30-9pm – Treya & Kerri

Silks 1 Series

Silks 1 continues building on techniques and skills taught on the silks in our beginning aerial 2 series. Our Silks 1 series focuses increasing stamina, and movement quality while building a vocabulary of basic moves. This class picks up right where Beginning Aerial 2 leaves off. It’s designed for students who are ready to spend more time playing in the air.
  • Mon 5-6:30pm – Treya & Kerri
  • Tue 3-4:30pm – John
  • Wed 6-7:30pm – Kerri & Treya
  • Thur 5-6:30pm – John

Silks 2 Series

Learn intermediate tricks, movements and drops with a strong focus on beginning sequencing as well as movement quality and expression. This class is for individuals who have a solid foundation in aerial silks skills and want to begin putting it all together.
  • Mon 4:30-6pm – Christina & John
  • Mon 7:30-9pm – John & Paulina
  • Wed 5-6:30pm – Ashley & Treya
  • Thur 6-7:30pm – Ashley & John

Silks 3 Series

For advanced students. Learn advanced tricks and movements. This Series focuses on building strength and stamina as incorporates routines.
  • Mon 6-7:30pm – Paulina & Kerri
  • Wed 7:30-9pm – Paulina & Kerri

Straps Series

Students will learn beginning and intermediate movements on aerial straps as well as conditioning for straps.
  • Mon 12-1:30pm – John
  • Fri 6:30-8pm – John & Ashley
  • Sun 5:30-7pm – Omri & Paulina

Sequencing & Flexibility Series

This Series is 2 hours. 1st hr: short warm up and then assisted aerial sequencing on apparatus of choice. 2nd hr: flexibility training and deeper stretching. This class is strictly for advanced students. This is not a new tricks class, but rather a place to create routines with teacher assistance. Students must know a large vocabulary of movements to participate in this Series.
  • Sun 3:30-5:30pm – Paulina

Stretching Series

Improve your flexibility! This classes focuses on deeper stretching and active flexibility. It is designed to be suitable for all levels.
  • Mon 12-1:45pm – Ashley
  • Thur 7:30-9:15pm – Ashley
  • Sun 10am -11:45pm – Ashley

Handstand Series

Learn proper handstand form and technique. Includes conditioning for handstands.
  • Wed 5-6:30pm – Amaya
  • Thur 7-8:30am – Daniela
  • Sun 8:15-9:45am – Daniela

Circus Conditioning Series

Come have fun, get stronger, and feel more confident in the air with this conditioning class. Focus will be on strength building rather than new tricks. Includes conditioning in the air on a variety of equipment and on the floor. Students must have taken Beginning Aerial 1, and be able to climb the silks.
  • Wed 7-8:30am – Daniela

Chair Dance and Dance Technique Series

Students in our 7-week Chair Dance and Dance Technique Series will learn an original group chair dance choreographed by the instructor and will also work on basic dance technique. This is a fun class and geared toward students newer to dance.
  • Fri 6:45-8:30pm – Chalese

Contortion Series

Our 7-week Contortion Series is an advanced flexibility class that focuses on ‘tricks’ in splits/backbends. Includes arm balances such as forearm stands and handstands.
  • Wed 7:30-9:15pm – Alison