Night Flight’s 8th Annual FRIGHT NIGHT – A Halloween Circus

Fright Night poster with vampire on lyra

Tickets are now on sale!

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Fri & Sat Shows: Doors at 7, Show at 8
Sun Show: Doors at 6, Show at 7

Tickets: $38 advance, $45 at the door

We consider this show to be ‘PG13.’ Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian

Presenting Night Flight’s 8th Annual Fright Night – A Halloween Circus! Every year we create an original wickedly delicious spectacular with all new acts. This year we are thrilled to announce that Fright Night will be accompanied by the gorgeous live music of Fever, whose music is as sexy as their name suggests. Fever blends haunting and sultry blues ballads with witchy Latin pop and cabaret fusion to create a truly unique sound that is always unforgettable.

Travel with us to a dark circus haunt in a forgotten corner of New Orleans. This Halloween the barrier between worlds has grown thin. A sudden wind shakes the shutters, the band starts to play and in stride two demons ready to start a ruckus. Featuring a contorting centipede both lovely and grotesque, devilish creatures of the night performing a wild dance on Chinese pole, and bioluminescent fireflies spinning high above on duo trapeze, this year’s show promises to be a sexy and gory adventure for the senses!

This show runs for two weekends only! After selling out for 7 straight years, we are excited to offer 5 nights of dazzling circus feats to delight you this Halloween season. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

Reviews of Fever

“The band conjures up plenty of mood…delving deep into the seamy theatrics of cabaret, burlesque, and dark arts, resulting in something that’s sexy and just a little bit scary. Fever moved to Portland by way of Oklahoma, and they’ve got quite a number of elements into their sound: glam, goth, and cabaret rock, sure—but also surf, LA-style drug-noir, and maybe even some bluesy Old Weird America.” –Ned Lannamann [Portland Mercury]

“With hauntingly beautiful reverb drenched blues ballads, Fever is Portland’s criminally best kept secret. The kind of music that’ll make even the most asthmatic among you rushing for a cigarette afterward.” -DJ GrahamPoxx