We are excited to offer a workshop focusing on how to train without getting hurt by Jim Donak! This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of:

  • how bodies respond to exercise
  • the difference between pain and injury
  • how to adapt exercises to specific goals

About this workshop:
For the many years that Jim has been a movement instructor and rehabilitative therapist, he has been asked questions from people seeking to heal optimally and train intelligently. To that end he has created his ‘How To Train And Not Get Hurt’ workshop which addresses the most commonly asked training and injury management questions as well as many questions people never think to ask.

This ‘Foundations’ mini-workshop will focus on the most poorly understood training practices. You will gain practical insights on how to train more safely and effectively. This workshop is part lecture, part Q&A and part lab.

The two main topics that will be addressed are:

  • Understanding Your Body: What are you made of? How your body functions and heals
  • Structuring your training: Are you efficient with your training time?

Date & Time:
Saturday, August 19th 1-3pm

Price: $50

Register online