Love is in the Details

Whether we are scheming up our annual Halloween spectacular or creating some new work of whimsy, we produce gorgeous, theatrical and original shows

High Quality Instruction

Our teachers are experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and invested in our students success


Safety is a Priority

From teaching proper technique to working with a Structural Engineer on the design of our rigging structure, we don’t mess around!


Our Studios are Beautiful

We take pride in out lovely studios, which are clean, climate-controlled and very welcoming



"By far, however, the best thing about Night Flight is the teachers. I've been to other aerial studios, and while I have great respect for all of them, the level of experience and professionalism at Night Flight simply can't be matched. My teachers are some of the most inspiring women I've met, and they are extremely skilled at working at your level, constantly challenging you and constantly encouraging you. You'd think that gorgeous, talented, strong amazons like these would be intimidating, but it's quite the opposite: they're some of the sweetest, funniest, most easy-going people you can ever hope to find. That goes for the vast majority of my classmates, as well. I've made many friends in class, and we are always laughing, shouting encouragement, and applauding each other's successes."

− Nicole B, Student

"I love the friendly and encouraging atmosphere, where everyone in the classes cheers for everyone else. The instructors are always warm and supportive, happy to provide additional instruction and cheerleading as necessary. I've found something I truly love that I thought I would never have a chance to do and I think everyone should have that same opportunity."

− Audrey C, Student

"What a fantastic place to go for a workout! The instructors are super nice and so talented. The atmosphere is relaxed and playful. Since becoming a student, I have noticed crazy changes in my body. My core and upper body are stronger than ever."

− Tamara H, Student